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Our mission is to help everyday businesses find the capital they need to get off the ground, create new jobs and make the UK a leading centre for innovation and growth. Join the crowdfunding revolution by becoming an investor.

Why choose Funding Tree?

Our fully regulated crowdfunding UK platform is designed to help investors make good returns on investments and businesses raise money to grow. Businesses raise finance using one of two ways: through equity crowdfunding or peer-to-peer lending.           

Ready and waiting to back the various funding requirements listed on the platform is our investor network, which comprises angel investors, professional investors and ordinary people. With both recognised UK crowdfunding models (debt and equity), our crowdfunding investors have more opportunity to build diverse portfolios of investments, greatly improving the possibility of seeing great returns from investing in business loans and/or shares in businesses.

Our UK crowdfunding platform is designed to hold client funds, schedule automated loan repayments and offers an easy-to-use investment portfolio management area that shows pending and active investments. We offer an unrivalled crowdfunding user experience for both business and investors. Join the thousands of people already investing and raising money with us.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an umbrella term encompassing social lending, peer to peer lending (p2p lending) and seed funding. Individuals pledge money to a particular company pitching its finance requirements. Once the target amount has been met cumulatively by a number of investors, the money is available to the business.     

Online UK crowdfunding websites like ours offer a great place for people to invest in loans or equity from anywhere - be it their armchair or a hotel lobby.

Thousands of people are getting in on the peer to peer lending and crowdfunding UK scene. The concept also allows friends, family and existing customers of businesses to lend their financial support for a little, or for as much as they can afford.

What type of finance is best for your business?

Funding Tree is the only online platform that has been designed to help at every stage of a business life cycle. Our peer to peer lending and crowdfunding UK platform can help start-ups get their ideas off the ground, generate funds for exciting expansion plans or help companies access working capital to support periods of rapid growth.    

If you're a start-up the most suitable way of raising finance from our crowdfunders would be to offer equity. Perhaps you're an established company looking to buy out a competitor? Our crowdfunding UK platform can help you find the right equity partners to make this happen. We have tools on the 'Raising Finance' page to help you calculate your equity and investment requirements.

We're also here to provide fast, simple business loans (peer to peer lending). Unlike many other crowdfunding UK websites we're here for businesses throughout their whole life and can help nurture companies to help them meet their potential by providing finance that is suited to their current position.

Risk Disclosure:

fundingtree.co.uk is an online website operated by Funding-Tree (UK) Limited (“Funding Tree”) which enables investors to review funding requests from businesses and provides an administrative channel through which investors can make equity investments in or lend money to unlisted companies or lend money to sole traders, partnerships and LLPs. The website is a communication and administration platform only and all investment transactions are directly between the investor and the business seeking funding.

Investment in or lending to unlisted companies, partnerships, LLPs or sole traders can be rewarding but also carries more risk than many other forms of investment which investors should be aware of before taking any investment decision. Investors can lose a part or the full amount of their investment. Other risks include illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution. These type of investments should form part of a diversified portfolio. Funding Tree encourages investors to read our more detailed Risk Disclosure Notice